The First Time…

There’s always a first for everything. And the first month of 2013 was the month of many firsts.

Both good and bad.

Somehow I was compelled to take it further and decided to make 2013 the year of many firsts. And it seems that once I made up my mind, I realise that my life has been a continuous first right from that moment I moved to New Zealand 14 years back. Remember that Dove ad that a little girl got exposed to a train of flying women body issues advertisings? Well. That is exactly what I feel my life has been! But instead of glossy female bodies, I have been slapped with one experience after another! Almost asking for it most of the time, really. 😉

So here is another attempt. Just like 2012 was the first time I tried to publish a comic a day, failed miserably by the way, this will be my first attempt to record at least one new experience that I do each weak this year. Some of them will be super stupid and some of them will be super both-hands-fingertips-on-lips-screaming-omgomgomgomg.

Here’s the list of:

2013 saw the First Time I…

Week 1 – Hung out with a Colombian family in Cambodia.

Week 2.1 – Got ticketed by the Myki Police in Melbourne. (kids. beware)

Week 2.2 – Found a la vie boheme neighbourhood in Sydney.

Week 3 – Tried fit boxing. (muaythai without the kicks pretty much haha)

Week 4.1 – Did yoga in a park on top of a beach towel.

Week 4.2 – Watch Soccer live. And Del Piero. Live.

Week 4.3 – Really took my time to devour Great Ocean Road. (as opposed to flash-pass-thankyoumam)

Week 5 – Went on a proper business trip!

Week 6 – First Espanol Class. Hola! Que tal?

Week 7 – Haggis and folk dancing it up at Burn’s Night with the Scottish Society

Week 8 – Watching a bunch of strangers talking about love on Storytelling Night and spot-dancing through the performances during White Night.

Week 9 – I got inspired every single day of the week! CS documentary with the Korean family living in Africa….. and… can’t remember the rest. d’oh

Week 10 – Went to a chiropractor! Just like pijet kretek ala Indo and then Espanol hangout and then Russel Peters and then hiking on Grampians. Sheesh.

Week 11 – Danced under the moonlight in the heat of the night by the river a la 20s Flap! style, watched Chilean movie and sang to a bunch of people jamming up on a rooftop with the sunsetting CBD providing the au natural backdrop.

Week 12 – I went to Ceres. And saw the Room to Read Founder. Inner Do-gooder is screaming.

Week 13 – I walked for 6 hours straight(ish) in Tasmania………

Week 14 – and saw a wombat……

Week 15 – watched an old movie in the cinema.

Week 16 – discovered this heavenly Gippsland blue cheese from Vic mart randomly.

Week 17 – went to a Game of Thrones watching party…. and saw Frank Warren and a number of people share some secrets in Hammer Hall

Week 18 – I planned a trip in such a short notice and had an absolute blast exploring from Wilson Prom to Coanjingiling Park. (i think?)

Week 19 – I work in Perth and swim with the dolphins! What lovely creatures they are.

Week 20 – I have my own terrarium. Hopefully it stays alive… and went to art museum in Melbourne in lala land.

Week 21 – I made a 15 seconds stop motion animation and went to Swan Valley with a bunch of Perthians.

Week 22 – I went to a jazz bar all by myself and absolutely got my ears and mind blown.Well that ended quite fast.

Week 23 to Week 52 – Went to art museums in Bandung with the rents, Threw a bachelorette party for the dearest pumpkin in town, presented on resumes to a youth group in St. Kilda, Ski in Australia! – and actually had a blast, Had dinner with where all the food and drinks were red, high tea, saw monet, learned how to make infographics (lots of coding involved!), presented on work at MBS, Got involved with 100 Story Building, Sydney Engagement!, Went to Entourage, Fantastic Mr.Fox!, Thanksmukkah!, Menjangan Island, Ubud Escape, a quiet New Year’s eve.

And that summed up 2013.

Onwards and upwwards!


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