Living and Travels

I don’t really travel like this.

As part of some legal process to stay in Australia, I had to list all the addresses that I have lived at in the past 10 years.

It wasn’t easy.

I moved country almost every two years at average and moved apartment/houses every year at average. Numbers and names that used to describe my little corner of the world that I could claim as ‘home’ had become as transient as the faces I’ve met throughout.

But you can never get used to parting with people and places that had become dear to you. And as it will always be about the people you meet, the emotion they evoke and the smell you taste, I aim to capture them morsels by morsels here. My little pieces of puzzle. 🙂

The few with the links would lead you to any writings related to the city with the hope of more to come.


Lived (>3 months is living, no?)


Jakarta, Indonesia – the hometown

Shanghai – Minhang, China


Auckland, New Zealand

Cambridge, New Zealand

Melbourne, Australia


West Lafayette, Indiana, US

Warren, Michigan, US

Peoria, Illinois, US

Columbus, Indiana, US

Los Angeles, CA, US


Darlington, UK


Tour Bus Style with the Parents – a whole experience on its own. 

Sumatra, Thailand, Malaysia, Hongkong, Aus/NZ, California, Taiwan, Japan

Wanderer Style – few Couchsurfing stays, some solo trip and tandem, triple randomness.


Cambodia and Vietnam

UK cities and a visit to the Loch Ness monster 😀

Greece, France, Italy, Switzerland – Bits and bobs. Not much at all.

Australia – Port Douglas booyah! and some other bits and bobs cities.

Peru – Oh Peru.

Indonesia – Padang, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, Nusa LembonganGili Trawangan , Bali, Lombok, Mount Papandayan, Pondok Indah (:p)

and hopefully many more to come.



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