About Pursuit of Passion


I’m Fel, Indonesian (by blood and by accent, some would say) living in Melbourne, Australia.

I am one of the latest addition to CBD’s rat-race suits who speed-walks across the city every morning with heels and band-aids at unfortunate pain points (ha). Recently baptised as a strategy management consultant, I will most likely not talk about my job too much in this blog due to the fact that I am still a baby in the profession, and baby can’t  talk too much what the adults do, can they? and that I’ll probaly have to watch what I say. Claro, I am better at avoidance than filtering what I can or cannot say.

This blog was created a while back out of this burning desire to pursuit a passion. It was 2009. And everybody was talking about passion. My then church group was talking about it with so much gusto and fire, I felt so alive! The life coaches were all over it. Oprah was famous. (Was she ever not?) And passion driven life had snuggled tightly to where purpose driven life used to latch on. And everybody just gotta have passion, you know?

Well, I had none.

I had interests, I had hobbies, I had half-assed attempts, I had failed dreams, I had broken hopes, I had wishes and I had my I-want-to-change-the-world moments. So I was hoping that writing out whatever interests me in the past and present time could somehow crystalise whatever passion it is that I am suppose to have.

Three years, a business degree, few more countries,  the repeated acts of falling and getting my shizzits together a few more times and many many sleepless nights wondering if I’m the embodiment of a failed batch of the parents’ perfectly crafted succession plan. I ended up with too many passions.

Too many passions = no passion in the eyes of real passionate ones. So I am back to square one but with an extra A3 piece of paper that cost my parents an arm and a leg (of a crystal studded Barbie, I’d imagine) in my possesion. The said paper got me the job and the job now funds my continued pursuit of passions. So I’m keeping the site’s name.

So. This is what you can expect out of this site. A bunch of doodles, the places  I’ve lived and travelled through, mindless writing, mindmore writing, mind-meh writing, some do-good stuff that I try to do but just can’t seem to find one that I could dig n Melbourne somehow,  muay thai, Jakarta, books, Melbourne, mellow-mellow like a jello moments and my long-time struggle accepting myself that I am indeed an extrovert and socially I am equivalent to a Dementor in gaining so much energy out of people. So yes, I hangout with strangers too as apparently it doesn’t matter if I know someone for a minute or a million minutes, it just got me giddy-good solid with happy vibrations all trough, y’all. Oh. And expect a lot of words-mincing and stringing at awkward places. 

Basically, whatever interests happen to float my horizon that I manage to grab and tickle the hell out, it may very well end up here in this site. 🙂

Enjoy! xxx



  1. Hey. I adore your blog. Could you please email me? emilie@everplaces.com

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