Eighteen Months Later

It’s been so long, I don’t even know how to title anymore.

Simply said, a lot has happened since 13 January 2015.

Both good and bad.

As Ali Cobra would say in her stand-up piece; once you hit your 30s, your Kindle is suddenly filled with all these self-help book. ( I might start a new blog post on this actually) It’s like your 20s is filled with doing whatever your heart pleases. And 30s is all about waking up to reality and COURSE CORRECT, COURSE CORRECT. I chuckled. A little.

In the short span of 18 months, in a somewhat jumbled order:

Went to camping trip, met a guy, got seriously stressed out from working, got promoted, got stressed out again, started a side business with a friend I just knew less than a year, got somewhat serious on how to manage my emotion, took more Improv classes, got up on stage and performed a few times, made strangers laughed out loud, felt the rush I have not felt for the longest time, led a couple of projects, went back home and holidayed a little, went to a wedding, went to gym three times a week (for 5 weeks, twice), still failing to manage emotions and resilience well enough, went to more camping trips, spent first summer in Australia, went to Hippies Fest, took up more reading and learning on how to be a better human being, tried buying  s house (no success yet), got my driving license, made friends at work, worked too much, worked to little, learnt how to meditate (again), quit drinking, started drinking, threw a party or two, getting my finances in order, got a new housemate (plus a new cat), made new friends,  tried coding, felt like I didn’t do enough most of the time, read too much article saying why my generation is so entitled and spoilt, watched a lot of tv series, swing danced a little and then none at all, countless small talks, breathing, surviving.

Everything became rather overwhelming that improv is out of the picture. The focus now is to thrive in the full time job, grow side business and keep my sanity intact in the midst of it all. Oh and also buy a house and somewhat future-proof my life. Oh woe is me. No, not really. In all that’s going on with the world, it all ain’t to shabby.

Super grateful to everything that is happening. Living with some of the kindest people on earth, dating the most understanding, if not psychic, guy I’ve ever met, working with some of the funnest people you’ll ever get to work with.

So the cards been dealt, and it’s all ain’t too shabby. It’s just what you got to make of it eh. If only I have this magic wand to re-boot and re-wire my brain and how it deals with certain situations, then I guess we’ll have a grand ol time in this thing so called life.

Course correct it is. On with the meditation, breathing techniques, reptile brain re-boot, finding your triggers and trying to be the grown up you always want to be.

Guess what, though. The more I learn about this whole mindfulness deal, the more I realise how messed up everyone is. Some are just more awake than the rest.  Each to their own!


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