Random Living.

It has come to one’s attention that one has been doing so many randomness. And also that ‘one’ is not the most appropriate word to use in this sentence.

Tried listing them yesterday on the ride back from swing class. And boy. No wonder I’m the jacktress of all trades. 

If it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert of something, I’d probably be an expert in watching TV series, Stalking people on Facebook (comes handy sometimes) and general curiosity-type-activity. Have I told you I’m a master in un-earthing obscure information from the interwebs? Totes useless. Totes fun. 

Anyways. Here’s the list. Each one probably warrants its own post. Maybe it’ll happen. If I get back to writing again that is. Just for sheer anality, I’ve of course categorised them into different boxes. Some would fit more than one box but hey who’s checking. Italicised ones are currently pursued. Some are pursued more hard core than the others, and some are simply “I’ve done it once!” type of thing. Maybe I’ll do a chart one day. 

Career-ish stuff: Mechanical Engineering, one class in coding, one class in robotics, (and years of regret never pursuing them further), actually working with engines, Demand Planning, Business Admin, Techy Things, flimsy attempt into the startup world and stock market and personal finance management areas (all toe dipping with no major balls on the line)

Sport: Indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, kickball, general aerobic-type gym activities, tae bo craze, swimming, tennis, yoga, acroyoga, rollerskate, ice skate, muay thai, tae kwondo, running/jogging, cheerleading (oh yes) 

Language and art: Fashion illustration (including an attempt at sewing), knitting, improv comedy (harold style), Spanish, English, Chinese,  Illustration, painting, writing, toastmaster, MC-ing, 

Spiritual: Catholic group, Meditation (half arsed attempt)

Dance/music: Organ, piano (didn’t work so well), guitar, salsa, swing, ballet, indian (well – one performance), tango, modern dance, 5 rhythms, Scottish dance (ceilidh), Belly dance, general danciness. 

Outdoor: diving, hiking, climbing, rappelling, caving, paintball, skydiving, camping, surfing, ski, does travel count? yes. I suppose, rafting, kayaking, toboganning, go-karting

Pro-Bono-ness: suicide center call person, business planning review for School of Social Enterpreneurs and few other randomness events

Boy that’s a lot of living. 

Comes a time in everyone’s life. A call. To be greater than ever. A call. to… Ok. definitely not a script writer. 

To pick one out of the many and go to hell and back with it. Wouldn’t that be swell. 



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