The Hustle and the Bustle – Suburbia Hysteria


Suburbia hysteria Exhibit 1 to 10.

1. Millions of stars in the sky every night.

2. The birds and the bees (true story), a random ring tail possum and overall earthiness

3. Wooden floors, tall ceilings and space. But above all is space.

4. Flowers, leaves, ripe figs ready to be picked

5. Chatters on the trams, grains of brains in the trains

6. Oddballs, characters and everything in between

7. Smiling talking neighbors to the north, east, west and south

8. Shops that does not have a well-cooked vision, mission and press here to franchise

9. Little King Louie curling on the sofa. (A cat, not a snail)

10. Knowing the hustle and the bustle is only 20 minutes away when I need it

Suburbia suits me not so bad….

With month 3 moving out of the city, it’s the first two weeks stretch that I’ve actually stayed put this year. There are days to doubt and there are days of patting oneself at the back. Most of the time, it is in one’s attitude, I found. What you make with what you’ve got will direct the result that you obtain. I chose to be positive this year, day in day out. And life slowly feels like something that’s worth all the hassle for, again. For the littlest joy, take stock and bank it for the future.

Tram 86 that runs all the way from the heart of the city (ok, maybe not heart, but umbilical cord? you know.. right smack in the center of it all) to 30 steps(-ish) away from my doorstep never fails to provide daily dose of amusements. Once half of the passengers disperse into their abode around Collingwood, new ones would replace their space and that’s where the fun began. There were a guy and girl once sate in front of me and just started doing a mini guitar concert right there and then. Pretty good voice too! “Sunshine in the cloudy tram!” as the girl splattered after the guy finished a rendition of something country, something foot stomping. Definitely was.

It is a bit funny how there are so many people stuck in the train, tram day in day out and noone speaks to each other. Aren’t we social being after all? My Project Manager actually pointed this out one time when he challenged me to start talking to people on my weekly plane commute to Perth. “How can you not meet people! There are so many people stuck in the plan for hours! Everybody’s bored!” While I was always on the other spectrum “Everybody is tired! They don’t want a nosy Asian girl poking around their business!”… And so he said “Nahh.. you’ll be surprised how much people want to talk once you let them!” Then again.. perhaps I was talking about myself more than other people?


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  1. There is a difference between trains, trams and planes…….. trams are way easier to get a conversation going…… trains are a lot harder but it depends on the time of the day……. planes? I just want to look out the window.

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