“What’s Up with You Lately?”

Discoveries of the week include:
– 5$ Teriyaki beef + rice meal in the middle of Perth
– The wonderful media of Narrative.ly – Made. my. day.
Swing dancing place only 8 minutes away by bus (not including 20 minutes waiting time due to sparse bus frequency)
– Back of the alley graffiti-ed toastie place right in front of the hotel. Grilled cheese nom nom nom.

I don’t know why I keep answering “not much” when someone asks “what’s up with you lately?”

There as so many! So many! Little happenings. Little incremental joys of discovery day by day.

But somehow the very question always stump me.

Inner dialogue upon hearing “So what’s new with you?” goes something like this:
“I haven’t got a new job, new project, new promotion, new accomplishment. God. Do they really want to hear how my internet addiction got worse this year?”
“Good thing you’ve got no accomplishments as of late. You don’t want to brag and make yourself sound like a pompous ass anyways! Save all those for Facebook. That’s what its invented for. Post how awesome you are and shove it to their face. Click post with the afterglow of a true passive braggers. Real life needs more humility!”
“Wisdom. Such wisdom. So talk about the addiction?”
“No. That just sounds pathetic. Everyone got it anyways. It’s like talking about UTIs. It feels big in your life but you know everyone gets it once in their life.”
“Ouchie. How about the new haircut?”
“They can see it, d’oh. if they want to talk about your hair, they will ask. They’re clearly not interested. You could be bald for all they care.”
“Ok. Fine. no hair. Well.. I got this super fine eyeliner that I bought while waiting for the bus the other day.”
“Really? Your life is that boring that you have to buy something new just so you can talk about it?”
“Point taken. Fine. But I really hate talking about myself!”
“Why? You hate yourself? You gotta love yourself before anyone would love you, you know”
“I love myself! I just hate talking about it. It feels like ego-masturbation!”
“You have issues, kid. Wait. You talk about yourself all the time on this blog.. Does that mean…”
“… umm.. Let’s not go there. I’ll just say not much and ask what’s new with them.”
“Good job. Now you’ve made their life better by confirming that your life is not as exciting as theirs.”
“Mission in life accomplished. I can die happy now”
“Ya. Go die.”

Got the sassiest inner-voice in town shouting abuse all day long. Oh joy.

Someone recently laid it out bluntly though. “Why do you care what other people think? You do a lot of things. Just say what you want to say. Who cares what they want to hear!”
But.. but… but…. who’s going to talk to my inner self if I start ignoring her? (Or him. My inner self could be a guy for all I care.)

So in light of caring less about what people expect from asking a simple question such as “What’s up!” this is how I would answer the question next time.
“Ooh I tried biking in the city the other day. And I didn’t crash into anything! Not even trees!” Proceed talking about the tree-halving bike crash that happened almost 15 years ago or the city bike outing itself that was done through a guided tour part of the sustainable festival
“White Night! Saw some crazy as shit. Saw some pretty cool as shit. But mostly was enjoying the sensation of being swallowed wholly by half million people” Proceed talking about the crazy ass shit or the cool as shit gauging on audience’s response. Talk about the long queues if they look jealous that they missed out on such frivolities.
“I started learning coding at home!” Proceed in explaining how I learned later that the program was tailored toward high school kids. And how it was SO MUCH FUN! And that you’ve found another program for single digit age girls to learn coding. Kids of friends beware.
“I watched xxx and I felt xxx” This can go in so many directions. With the amount of movies I watch in flights, I should have endless list of discussion started.
“Just had the best cake of my life. Still trying to figure out how to spread the word and let the world enjoy it too, considering you can’t really bring food interstate in Oz!” Talk incoherently about the Honey Heaven I went to upon eating a 5.5$ tiny slice of Honeycake.
“I joined a gym last year and still going at least half time a week!” Proud moment for every couch potato in the world.
“Skydived that other day” Followed up with the evolving epiphanies obtained from such experience.
“Planning my next travel…. Got any ideas?” Just for days I don’t feel like talking. This strategy can be done for almost anything. “I’m thinking of getting a part time job…. Got any ideas?”
For super highbrows discussions, always go with
“Just trying to save the world one forum chat at a time.. Got any ideas how I can be more efficient?”


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