The Wreck Watchers

Light touch. Shimmering sun. Blisters to pop.
Your face scream. Her mind wanders.

And they all wonder what went wrong.
The when comes next.
And the why shadows right behind.

What most people don’t know is that there are a lot more to it than that.

I lied.
They know that there is a lot more to it than that.
But what’s the fun in that.

Watching a truck falling down an icy lake is not exciting if you know that the guy who drove it was still inside.
And so you watch in fascination. You get lost in your own morbid fantasy.
And your heart starts racing in front of you.
And you mentally reprimanded yourself for that little tiny flicker of..

A little tiny excitement that you glimmered for a second.
Lifetime of a second just so you can still call yourself human.

But it is human to feel something on watching massive disaster.
Whatever that thing is.

Drivers slow their engines, crane their necks and jam the opposite directions
Passerby stops by, poke around wondering what they can do to help
Pictures get snapped. Moments get recorded.
To be replayed to a million other.

It is humane to watch a train wreck happening in front of you.
And not peel your eyes off it until the details are all dissected to its second death.
So they, you understand completely.

As they stood and watched from a safe distance,
“Ces’t la vie” “You will be ok” “You can talk to me”
dance and swarm you like moths to light.
All the words. All the compassion. All the need to know.
All the nosiness. All the root cause analysis. All the optimisms.
All the solutions. All the shaming. All the hope.
All the resignation. All the comfort.

All from the eyes of a pro-bono consultant looking inside a company’s underbelly.

Your face melts. Her voice travels.
There is another day. There is another story.

And they all sigh away with extra affirmation layer of their own pre-conception


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