Travel WishList for 2014


For the exciting bit. Holiday planning can’t be too early! Come join, come join if you can.

So……Month by Month play.

January’s weekends are reserved for moving house and exploring Melbourne (and Sydney or Perth perhaps?)with a friend (who miiiighhhtt be coming over all the way from Singapore just to jump off a plane – with parachute, mind you-) or there is still a chance to head to the bush as beckons again and it’s getting hard to ignore.

February’s weekends are for a definitely visiting friend from Sydney (Oo yaa Oo ya.. Skip a little. Dance a little) and a weekend in Perth for this:

March is for labor day weekend and it would be time to explore more if Victoria for a good hike or two, don’t you say?

In April, there are the Easter double whammy conjoined with ANZAC day that would make a perfect little getaway. It’s time for Komodo or sleeping under the stars at the Outback perhaps? For a 10 days trip, the total damage would only be 3 vacation days. Bargain!

In May I’m turning 30! I am the same age as Joey, Rachel, Monica, Chandler and David Schwimmer! How freaky! At different times, life does feel like a sitcom though and how I am grateful for those moments. To celebrate… I am going to see how feasible it is to attend a friend’s wedding that very same weekend. In Semarang. Imagine that.

In June… Ok I don’t plan that far ahead.

But August… I am aiming for this August….. Let’s see if I have the guts to do it. (Ok. look at previous post. say yes. yes. yes. silent yes. loud yes. all around yes. yes yes yes!)

And the rest are still to be cooked up. Open for ideas though.

There will always be new places to see, new people to meet and new experiences to embrace.

What I wish the most is to share them all with you the little tiny sparks that goes bananas in my tummies. Which is probably why I don’t really enjoy posting albums and albums of the places I’ve been, things I’ve done and people I’ve met. One, I don’t have the patience to take pictures that could re-create the sensation that an environment would give. (Some people do it really well. And I must say I enjoy immensely their travel albums.) Two, those pictures (well, my pictures at least) are often far dettached from the experience itself. (I am still reserving my judgement to Instagram. It seems to be doing something a bit odd to my ‘experiences’)

And that tiny little jolt. That tiny little squiggle in your every cell when you are present. Embracing the moment. Living it.

I can only hope to share them through what I create. Be it a drawing. An invigorating piece of picture. Or writing.

If you get that from God. From your lover. From doing what you love. From the eye of the tiger. (eh?) Then go wild at it.

Some of us need to travel the world and walk at the edge of insanity and back to realise what they’re looking for.


What did I just write?




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