Resolution Evolution

“I have ten resolution this year”

“How many did you have last year?”


“How many happened?”

“Not sure. Can’t even remember them.”


Friend is not convinced. Fear not, friend. This year will be different.

On principle, I have only one silver lining resolution this year. And it is to produce happiness from what I do.The only catch is that what I do should have a positive net impact to others as well.

From that one resolution alone, stems a list of activities that I wish to accomplish by the end of the year. If they stray here and there, it’s probably alright.. as long as my one golden arrow shoots right to the core. (Say whaat)

Here is some idea jotted down on my long roundabout trip to Australia. (Jakarta – KL – Melb with 4 hours layover is not kind for the tush, dear friends)

1. Create a comic book with a professional look and feel (It seems to appear that some people do actually enjoy reading them…)

2. Launch a website/app to connect people who has either time/money/ideas to foundations who need either time/money/brainpower

3. Say yes more often (internally and externally) and commit to completion. Pretty much get up and do more than analysis paralysis

4. Join one of the pass-it-on movement in Melbourne (got a couple in mind… will need to decide)

5. Minimize. Minimize. Minimize. Less things, more re-use, more re-functioning, less attachments, less dependencies, less wants. (I am sincerely and truly patronized by the amount of filth humans are producing)

I have also a number of basic wants that I’d rather get fulfilled sooner than later that may be of a slightly more selfish nature..

1. Get the PR process moving

2. Meditate regulary – will help me focus and assist all of the above hopefully?

3. Dance and exercise exercise regulary – I heard exercising induces creative thinking….

4. Make friends with surprise changes – Don’t get me wrong… I get excited with changes. I just hate the surprise ones. Maybe I’m a control freak after all.

5. A simmering wish that’s too scary to be told. (And one that I hope I would still remember a year from now. Come to think of it. I might regret not writing it down here. Ah well. Living on the edge)

Note how blogging, writing or doing one thing every day is no longer part of the vocab? Well.. I realise that I need to live and breathe those things just to get the first few resolution achieved.

Ready. Aim. Go.


About inifeli

Sketch a lot, write a lot, read a lot. Live a lot.


  1. Hello there! I can definitely relate to your resolution to get up and do more than analysis paralysis. Cheers to taking more risks and chances! – Gypsytoes

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