Drug of Choice: People

To say that life have been sailing under the big plumping funk is a major understatement.

There’s a toilet paper long list of first world tirade that I could spell out but we all got the gist and let’s steer away from the big stinking topic. Let’s talk about what I found yet again to be my number one drug.


It’s people y’all.

People of all kind, smell, funkness and baggage.

In that split decision between settling in the hotel from another long day at the client with a bowl of some take away Asian heaven and a night out with random strangers, I have managed to remember to obey the one creed in life that have never failed me as of yet. “Just show up”

I found out that there’s a polyglot meeting in one of the rooftop bar in the city tonight, arranged by the faithfully eclectic Couchsurfing crew as always, and I was half falling asleep before I decided to jump up and just go. It was not even 7:30 yet. And such that life has been, sleeping in seemed to be the second best heaven imagined.

So I went. And I talked. And I listened. And I laughed. And slowly my old happy go lucky self came back alive. Groggily from weary clients-pleasing days, I smiled and laughed the night away till my eyes disappeared into its socket. There was the Peruvian mother who entertained my broken Spanish. There was the shy-at-first Cantonese girl who regaled me with her crazy stories in her patched up English. And there were the cheeky Frenchy, the vagabond Aussie and many more that happily share away what they have and could.

90 minutes. It only took 90 minutes of strangers.

Jetting out of the bar, the warm moody Sydney spring night embraced me tightly beneath the glowering skyscrapers. A European looking couple embraced and kissed passionately by the busy Townhall intersection. A drunken girl in tights and shorts crossed the very same intersection yelling loudly intermittently calling out to no one in particular. I was myself tonight, but apparently not quite myself enough to yell back at her just so she feels less alone. And I hope she does. Ordered my 3.50$ KFC wing snack box, 5 guys in suits were ordering their 10 dollar dinner boxes. And bullying the waitress at the same time it seemed.

People amuse me.

Why I’ve deprived myself of such carefree and joyous indulgence for so long, I am not quite so sure myself.


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