Swimming with the Humans


Look what I did for my 29th Birthday!

I joined a Swimming with the Dolphin excursion though we, humans, weren’t really swimming but mere floating about. This was a perfected system that let us get as close as possible to wild dolphins doing their thing without affecting their lifeline. So apparently, aquapark-kept dolphins get automatic 50% discount on their life expectancy due to various reasons from depression to human-introduced illness.

If I am blessed with another day longer in this earth, why not let these dolphins be as well, eh?


Oh and look how pretty they are!

I still can’t believe I swam in May though. Gotta love Perth. The 7mm (or 5 at least) wet suit helped I suppose. After the dolphin swimming and sightings, we swam about by the corals and snorkeled for a bit. After Nusa Lembongan and Bunaken diving, the fish in that part of Oz looks like they came from the 50s movies. All drained of color. Alas, fish are fish, and they are all friends in my book. (Apart from fresh salmon and tuna sashimi on a platter, that is)

Click here if you’d like to support the business that keeps the dolphins out of the zoo.

On the birthday. A number of people had mentioned that 29 is a big year as it’s the last year before 30. Which is great then I can say 31 is a great year since it’s the first year after 30? It’s like “Yes. Official. You are definitely thirty. No u-turn until you hit 35.”

I stopped thinking birthday is a big deal for a long time. However, I’ve always managed to celebrate it with the dearest and the nearest (whichever are available that day, I suppose) This year I spent the actual birthday on a hotel restaurant, eating chips and doing my presentation. Sad?

Funnily enough I was pretty content bar the situation.

And perhaps that’s the biggest gift of all. (no offense, dolphins)


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