FOMO itis

The year is 2013 and the world is plagued with a highly contagious disease. FOMOITIS. Not one to miss out on pop culture fads, I am showing early signs of the disease.

Increasing level of attention deficit disorder, unexplainable anxiety, the feeling of the world revolving faster than your liking and a creeping paralysing side effect of too many options.

Presented on a clean slate of a year with exactly 48 weeks times 5 days of weekdays evenings plus 48 weeks times weekends plus 4 weeks of holidays, I am dumbfounded by all the things that are possible yet so unattainable. It is as if I look at a vault the size of a football field full of activities to do, adventures to weather, places to go, strangers to meet and new skills to do. And so be it that my new year’s resolution had turned to be a cocktail of the enthralling and highly sophisticated version of Felicia that the world would ever encounter. At a 50% average achievement rate based on track records, I will be on my way to half the said version, which in the grand scheme of things, is not that bad considering all the plausible avenues one could go in their life time.

As brave as I was on the tip of 2012 to 2013 in the middle of a park in Ho Chi Minh City, counting countdown in pseudo Vietnamese with the rest of the crowd, I completely had no idea what 2013 will bring. So I trudged away the way I have in the past. Listing all the things that I want to accomplish, make some promises to myself to be healthier, kinder, more productive and be a better all rounded human being.

Three weeks later. I am unravelling as fast as Serena’s serve in Aus Open this year. 209 km/hr. Can you believe that? Now that’s a woman with a mission who definitely has not been plagued by FOMOITIS.

And yes. I am blaming FOMOITIS  to the beginning of demise of what was to be the awesomest version of Felicia the world had every seen.

You see. Every time I do one thing, another thing is not being done. Opportunity cost. Bladibla. The world just has too many options! There’s the salsa class, 5 rhythms class, jazz dance class, lindyhop, contemporary dance. And that’s just from the dance stream. There are also muaythai, yoga, pole dancing class that are as alluring. Not to forget the languages classes nor the illustration stream that I am wishing to pursue.

As I dabbled to most of the above said activities including the odd picnics, meetups and random hangouts with even more random people, I realized I am a true extrovert who gains energy from other people. And that’s just the way it is. Trying to go to all of the said above activities, I called it my Machine gun effort.

The machine gun effort of 2012 had led me to different occasions, places, skills, understandings of the world, the wrong side of the track and even the wrong foot of some people at times. Machine gun. Everything and anything. Classic Fear Of Missing Out it is. FOMOITIS.

Some days though, I just can’t be fudged by the sheer amount of options that I ended up plonking in front of my laptop watching endless and mindless series of Criminal Minds. The seeds of dooms day of demise.

I don’t know if I’m ready to swap my machine gun for a sniper though.

The single high intensity focus would definitely carry me along further one my chosen pursuit but would the lack of variety destroy my fuel?

FOMOITIS. A disease or a blessing?


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