This holiday feels more like a comma than a brave bold decisive period.

A period would end a sentence and beckons new beginnings with the grandiosity of a capital letter that has a severe entitlement syndrome.

A comma with its timid curved tailed under its uni-buttocks has one eye cast over the shoulder with an inch of trepidation and a dollop of anxiety to craft an effortless fluid future.

A small tiny comma of an unfinished sentence in the beginning paragraph of my life.

Teetering at the very top curvature I am balancing five million things at once. All in my head. Which makes it a bit harder than say, balancing a jug of milk, a swanky iphone5 and a piping hot bowl of noodle while you need to finish a game of Dance Dance Revolution. (yes, I’m from that era) With each item bringing novel-thick history and projections, my head is bulging on its seams pregnant with thoughts. They are indeed multiplying by the minute. I have a rabbit mind.

And I keep feeding them.

Little tiny carrots of scenarios for them to nibble on and get energy from to reproduce even more. You see, my mind hadn’t evolved to a state where it could auto-categorise those thoughts into neat pockets of decision trees where everything is mutually exclusive collectively exhaustive. Maybe in a few years or so. Plug a chip into a slot just right behind one’s ear and a best outcome with most probability of success would pop up in my head.


But for now I am teetering at the edge of 2012 about ready to fall into 2013 with an unfinished sentence in an unfinished paragraph of an unfinished story of my life.

Good thing I’m not ready to submit.


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