Vintage Mania

Vintage Mania

It’s been a bit of a vintage madness here lately.

I am not into fashion for sure. Most people who know me would probably Amen! that at once.

But I am taking a fondness to these monochrome, sephia toned ways of clothing from the bygone era.

Mad Men is to be blamed.

A personal favorite is Joan and the way she owned her curves-hugging dresses there.

I have one baby blue oldies-cutting dress that I snatched from mum’s wardrobe and claimed it mine since I wore it every other week when I was still working in Jakarta.

And that was before vintage and anything oldies is back in again and everyone starting wearing that humongous thick rimmed glasses.

I am so resisting the temptation as my non-existent Asian nose bridge would just ruin the whole look for all.


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