the Red Swing

It’s been a pretty rough few days as my head runs through a gazillion different scenarios into the future.

It’s a disease y’all. This disability to stop a train of thought.

I’ve never asked for it but I got a bullet speed train that just refuse to stop even for a second.

But a few paintings did come out, as it is almost a therapy on its own, and I’ll post the few selected ones here in the upcoming week.

Thank you very checking up on this site once in a while and for the likes!

Grateful, grateful, grateful. 🙂

Red Swing

The little kid in me had stopped swinging.

Not good.

But what’s good is this Red Swing Project.

They anonymously put up red swings all over the world (153 so far) in under utilized public spaces.

My friend spotted one a while ago hanging under a dingy dirty railway in the States and posted it online.

Not sure if he gave it a go though.

I would for sure!



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