Peru Group Travel Essay Sketch Last Part


Our flight from Puerto Madonaldo to Lima ran some issue.

We were about to transit in Cusco but the plane failed to land.

The plane circled the air above the runway three times before deciding to flee down south and land somewhere safely at Bolivia’s border.

Cusco’s airport is notorious for its difficult landing as the plane needs to go through a narrow mountain pass, do a stand-on-the wing turn and then drop quickly to the short landing strip. Added to winds and fogs and such.

The explanation we got from that day was just that we got a young pilot heading the plane.

Soon we arrived in Tacna safe and sound. Where I woke up.

While my travel mate was death-gripping her seat through the whole tried-to-land-three-times-but-failed-every-single-time, I was sleeping.

If that plane had crashed, I’d probably woke up on the other side of the realm without ever knowing. Eep!

Anyway. This is me at Tacna airport after we had dinner in the city.

Extra city to see! yay!

Missing out on extra night dancing in Miraflores! shucks!


Some seemed to enjoy it.

Some. Not so much.

As such is travelling with a group of strangers.

You’ll know way too much about them after three weeks sharing almost everything with each other.

But I think I got lucky.

The tour guide “the man with the 1000 problems” was a Peruvian grad student trying to finish his thesis on eco-tourism. He was very down to earth and just easy to travel with. He’d done this for five years yet he still retained that “Oh you asked a very interesting question” aura whenever we bombardeered him with endless questions on Peru, customs, when he was going to finish, his hometown and down to the nitty gritty private stuff.  Long hours on buses and trains make everything’s game for discussion.

There were also the Australian mother-daughter combo who reminded me so much of my own mom. They probably drove each other crazy numerous times during the trip as I would to with my own! But at the end of the day,  I could still see very clear how much they care for each other in their own ways.

There’s the inspiring couple from Australia. He’s a History student in his late sixties and he trekked the Inca Trail after spending 2 nights in a local hospital due to stomach problem. Hardcore stuff. I think they’re the kind of couple I’d like to be when I’m in my late sixties. Roaming the world together through and through.

There’s the two same-age-as-I girls from Australia, yes again. We tagged team and shared two rooms between the three of us throughout the trip. So every three nights we’ll get a room to our own without paying single supplements. Not bad huh.

There were also the Canadian couples who never failed to crack us all up. He’s a muscly kind of  an army guy who got an army patterned kilt and loved to wear it anywhere. Enough said.

And there was me. The one who went bananas over food all the time.

I’d sample anything once and somehow managed to escape the wrath of travelers diarrhea that’s destroying the team.

I am thanking my Indonesian bacteria.

There are plenty pros and cons for travelling with this so called adventure groups.

My reasoning was new country, unfamiliar with the language and I only had 1 month to travel.

Plus I got a 40% discount on this trip.

All the travel group providers often have massive discounts around the Oktoberfest time of the year.

So wait you not, book away. Book away.

For this trip I went with Intrepid Travel , Peru Encompassed Trip.


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  1. I really enjoy your blog! The sketches, your writing style, your travel as well as your personal journey! I am nominating you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. 🙂

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