Peru Group Travel Sketch Essay Part 1

Nine months ago, I went to Peru for 3 weeks.

Today, I am posting the sketches that saw me through it.

Yes. I could have fully produced a human being in the time it took me to post this.

But no, I did not.

So it all started very early in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles one Wednesday morning when the shuttle picked me up for LAX.

The flight itself was fun. I met this ingenious businesswoman who’s just about to start a new page in her life.

I got out of customs to a THRONG of people holding up name signs.

None that bear my name. 


The black cabs dudes start inching in as if they could smell the lost gringo from a mile away.

So I pretend like I know what I’m doing and kept walking around and around.

And around.

30 minutes later I saw him standing in a corner with the sign lackadaisically held.


Met an Ozzie in the shuttle bus. He looked a bit disdained with my group travel plan to traverse Peru in 3 weeks and covering around 10 cities in all.

Somehow he made me feel the need to defend my choice of travel method “..but it’s a small knit adventure group…”

Somehow I managed to snag 6 beds all to myself that night.

With a room generously sized to do my first Butt-dance in Peru.

The next day I moved to a classic guesthouse in Miraflores where I had a roommate.

No butt-dance there.

Then I met up with a vet Couchsurfer named Veronika who made me drink and eat like the locals, (one that just returned from living overseas for a long time, so she took me to a ‘safe’ restaurant)

And the trip started and I drew these ladies along the way.

They wore colorful vests and long flowing dresses and pretty hats.

Apparently you could tell someone is married or not by the way the wear their hats.

I think we need to start doing the same.

Baseball hats for taken and not looking.

Fancy hats for taken but heyyaaaa.

Little cute tiny hats for single.

And beanie for “it’s complicated. Leave me alone.”

…to be continued…


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