On Thinking Way Too Much

I think way too much.

I think I’m not the only one who does.

I think at least a good handful of you think way too much.

Have you ever felt like you’ve been squeezing the be-Jesus (who came up with this word by the way? is it from Jesus? did Jesus think too much too? wwjd?) out of your mind all night long and yet your well of thoughts never runs dry?

And not only that, those little scoundrels of teeny tiny thoughts would also multiply by the minute?

One right after the other, riding along on their secret choo-choo train with tracks that goes gaga ballistic zooming in and out of your neurons.

That bloody train must be pretty conducive for some good ol’ procreation at the rate they’re going.

So you’ll toss and turn. Hugging your pillow, changing position every five minutes hoping that if you position your butt just so and your limbs arranged that a way, your raging thoughts would just leave you alone.

Since hey, who’d dare to bother you finally achieving that sweet sleeping spot.

Oh but bother you they will.

Nudge nudge, knock knock, barge in an roam free in your mind they will.

And if everything else fails. All they need to do is send forth their little tiny seedlings of thoughts that would go as cunning as going Trojan in whatever it is that you do to fall asleep.

Jumping sheep? Sure, let’s put on the white woollies. Relaxation technique? Sure, let’s nestle some thoughts on the meaning of relax. Prayers? Sure, let’s get you thinking with the many wants and need you have right now. Zoning out and emptying your mind? Well, fasten your seat belt dear little thoughts.

And you see.

You may think they’re just harmless little teeny seedlings of thoughts. But they are all fully charged with their own seeds to soon grow into large humongous thoughts that will stomp each other and fight logic and reasoning.

Heart? Pfft. They’ll wear heart down with the minions of them in a minute. Often creating multiple different alternatives streams of thoughts that would slowly circle heart. The old trick of if you can’t explain, confuse them. And when heart gets confused, all resources would go there to soothe it back to its original plump self.

So heart is usually left alone in her nest.

“Party Pooper” thoughts would point and laugh.

But heart knows what the heart could do.

She’s sitting calmly in her chamber.

Secretly sharpening her sharp edges.

Secretly plotting against thoughts.

And their little teeny tiny seedlings of baby thoughts.

“I’mma snack you for lunch, little tiny thoughts. Just wait and see.”


How did it get this dark?


Definitely way too much thinking.


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