She’s Out There to Get You

Dream Weaver

Everybody knows at least one girl with the spiderweb in their lifetimes.

She’s the one who’d float easily in and out of your life.

Dazzling you with her intricate dance.

Her finger tips would have this slightly coarse feel to it, but you wouldn’t ever know that for sure as she’d never ever, ever, let you get near them.

She’d weave her dreams slowly, patiently and unapologetically around you, through you and often, with you.

She’d put one leg up there and a limb out here to throw you of balance.

You’ll dance along. You’ll jive along. You’ll hum along as you’ll be too out of breath to sing.

Doesn’t matter that you never knew how to do all those thing before you laid eyes on her.

She’ll make you feel like you’re the only star in her eyes.

And as the web is fully spun and weaved, she’ll do one last dance for you as she starts playing with her web.

You will then silently pray  that she’ll keep you forever in her web and will never ever let you go.



About inifeli

Sketch a lot, write a lot, read a lot. Live a lot.

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