What Would Victoria Secret Angels Do?

Yay Lolz

I have this unreasonable unfounded contempt toward advertisements portraying inadequately fed models. When I learned how to draw technical drawing for fashion design, I realized that the more unrealistic proportion of bust-waist-hip, the more the design would look like it’s made for high fashion. Changing the media’s mindset would be useless if the whole industry still thrives on size 0 models. Now I have friends who are born with super tiny bones that even size 0 would still be a bit too big for her figure, but boy don’t they chomp down food like normal the rest of us do.

Body image issues were rampantly big issues when I was growing up. I am sure it is still now. It can be different.

The world can live without self-deprived skeletons adorning our billboards, television and shopping malls. I will go as far as bet my full plump ass that the world would be better with a little bit of meat in those skinny models’ bones.


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