The Six Week List

Six weeks  after the TB test. Two to go.

What have I done so far in this so called injury time? Scored some goals? Not quite.

But I have….

  1. Finally recovered from the flu. That seemed to eternally plague my being. Hallelujah!
  2. Started going to a Muay Thai club once or twice a week. It’s been so far the most exhausting two hours of my life for as long as I can remember. The first day I went to the club, I ran out of breath after skipping for 10 minutes. By the half hour mark, I was ready to puke and five minutes after that, to quit. But I made it through the whole duration, albeit with a lot less intensity than the rest of the gang. Couldn’t walk for the next three days, my craving for adrenaline managed to drag my sorry ass back to the gym exactly a week after.
  3. Started painting with acrylic on canvas. I went to an ACT event by KopiKeliling and got a lot inspiration from the many acrylic paintings they put. Somehow I think I am still painting as if I am painting with oil paint though, a medium I muddled with ten years ago. It’s a bit nerve wrecking when you realize it’s perfectly normal to say things like ‘Ten years’ ago isn’t it? Hell. I could say things like “OMG I’ve known you for twenty years!” That’s like an adult! I have a mature friendship! Where you are no longer insecure regarding the status of your relationship when the other person doesn’t invite you to a certain Barbie bashing party or two. Anyway. Will be posting some of the paintings and other doodles later on. Though I have other hopes for this endeavor, we’ll have to see where it goes.
  4. Read a lot more books. Should also be reviewing that.
  5. Dibbled dabbled on some projects or whatnot with this friend who seems to have this perpetual stream of projects coming and this other acquaintance who started this scholarship project.
  6. Watched a lot of TV series. From Games of Thrones to Criminal Minds to Californication to Being Human. It is indeed the new age addiction. At least drugs get you up your butts and do some arty shit. This addiction just hypnotize you into a blob that breathes and drinks and eats and ignore everything else. I am running out of TV series however and have been restraining myself to buy the pirated discs. Just another attempt to save myself.
  7. Met people for coffee, dinner, drinks, whatever. Hey. I’m not that anti-social after all.
  8. Spent some time with the auntie and uncle at the countryside.
  9. Went to Taiwan with the parents. Matching umbrellas, hop on hop off, doze off and wake-up- in-a-different-city style of a tour. I found an awesome English book about this doctor who wanted to change the world and did, though. And on this other Chinese book on children book that’s just oh so beautifully illustrated I could just stare at it for hours. And consecutively drain my bank account to buy some more art supplies.
  10. Massages. Oh massages. And plenty of them.

I have not however

  1. Found cure for AIDS. Read about someone who came close to stop the epidemic though.
  2. Read Fifty Shades of Grey. Though I love to read lists of why you should not read the book. Arrogance loves company.
  3. Written a novel. Or started one.
  4. Figured out why rainbow cake got the fame that it’s got at the moment.
  5. Forgotten that I am of no income at the moment and all my monetary activities have negative signs in front of it.

Why the list, Fel? Why the list!

Well, well. Often time people tend to ask. “So what do you do all day?” to which I’d relay to my inner self the very same question and lest I forgot, let it be written here as long as the internet realm shall reign.

And also partly to bury this nagging guilt feeling that I am wasting my youthful brain cells away to nothingness and more of nothingness.

Hear hear to more nothingness!


About inifeli

Sketch a lot, write a lot, read a lot. Live a lot.


  1. someone gave me fifty shades of grey to read! feel free to read it when you’re back 🙂

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