Jelly Fish Kisses

Karma Kissess!

Sangyang Island, ten minutes prior, I was standing on top of the boat getting ready to enter water.

Three people: “Look! Jellyfish!”

Me:”Where! Where!”

One person pointed it out.

Me:”Ooh. Huge! But looks like trash. Are you sure it’s not plastic bag?”

Ten minutes after. In the water. Forgot about the jellyfish. DiveMaster gave the thumb down to enter.

Slowly descending.

My body somehow rotated on the way down.

(I’m used to my body doing things I don’t tell it to do, so it wasn’t really that new to me.)

Not the upside down kind, just the rotation on my vertical axis, if that makes sense.

And as I rotated, suddenly I felt like this damned plastic bag with strings stinging my face and arms.

Flailed helplessly while the stinging plastic bag kept stinging.

Too scared to touch the the jelly fish (have finally acknowledge it’s a jelly fish) as my face felt like it was burning already.

Flailed about some more trying to figure out how to separate myself from the Unidentified Floating Object, (we haven’t been properly introduced after all).

Realized there was no way I could do it without touching it and get electrocuted even more.

The Divemaster-in-training finally saw my circus moves, came closer and used his steely stick to untangle the jelly fish from my limbs.


And then I spent the next 40 minutes diving and feeling my face swelled up at awkward spots.

The salt water made the stung worse by the way.

Not that I could do anything about it as I was pretty much immersed in it.

But good thing there were some Paw-Paw on the boat.

Paw-Paw to the rescue!

And so all is well.

And no more animal-name-calling for me for a good while.

Though I did call some fish in Nusa Lembongan my spaced-out fish as they were just looking super stoned.

But I guess they were too zoned out to spell out any karmic superpower toward me.



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