I Heart Indonesia

The Word is Wow

This coming from someone who shocked everyone with her decision to return to Indonesia. To live. And work. And breathe the polluted air. And weather the traffic jams. And bear corrupted hypocrites. Oh Lord what was she thinking.

Indeed what was I thinking. The height of 2008. I had a job waiting in the States. One month prior the big collapse, I gave my resignation letter in one of those UK cities where the sun don’t shine, the wind sent shivers to the bone and the beer was warm. To return to Jakarta. Jobless. Well, who needs a job when you have an addiction to keep up with. <BOOKS! My addiction is books! I don’t want to go to no rehab.>

At least the sun will always shine, the windchill will only exist in shopping malls and the beer will always be cold.

Fast forward four years later, with 16 months of it spent elsewhere, the wretched imperfect country has slowly grown on me.

The people, the places, the sceneries, the smell, the heart. Oh my. The constant heartfelt gestures and uncalculative smiles that only people of the equator could posses and gives freely. The growing optimism. The can-do spirit

Scorn upon many and deemed hopeless by even more, I’ll always have a place for you Indonesia!

So let this girl say “Wow” once more time and pardon her ostentatious, though hopefully not misplaced, display of affection of this country that once was stamped “Beyond salvage” in her round head.


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Sketch a lot, write a lot, read a lot. Live a lot.

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