Day 7 of Writing…. Watching the Heart Heals

Tell me one thing and I’ll do another.

So I’ve been drawing quite a bit in between all the living and breathing.

And as you know, a picture worth a thousand words…

Here goes the first thousand.


Responses so far: “Beautiful!” and “What is she doing? Pooping?” 🙂

But don’t you sometime wish that you could just rip your heart out and fix whatever needs to be fixed just so you could start breathing normally again? I guess you have to munch through a dozen self-help books/ Thoughtcatalog articles and hours of venting before you reach that point.

Well. Hang in there.

It’ll be back to its normal bouncy, juicy, bloody, loving, caring self soon enough.

I swear.She swears.

Even the goldfish would swear if it could. (Okay. the 3 seconds memory span might help)


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Sketch a lot, write a lot, read a lot. Live a lot.

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