30 Days of Writing. Day 3.

The hard part of writing is everything about it.

Staring at a blank page willing it to be littered by black markings, fear creeps up silently like poison ivy on speed. The whirlpool of idea that my mind is would also hinder me from ever committing to one single strain and following it through to the end.

You see, writing is all about commitment. You stick to one point and you go to town with it. You mangle, molest and do all crazy things to it until it becomes the best seller that you secretly wish it to be but would never in the light of day say it outright. Just like that way parents never tell their kids that the only thing that they want is to see their offspring end up in the newspaper, for all the right reasons. And to commit means having some good old balls to kill the many seeds you have and leaving it for one to flourish. And when the thought of having to start all over again reviving those dead seeds when your only investment doesn’t work out consumes you, you become paralyzed. Paralyzed indeed.

So what am I doing telling friends, family and you internet people alike, that I am going to try do a Writing in 30 days and see if anything comes to fruition? Maybe just so maybe out of desperation. Writing in silence does not work anymore. And so here it is. Everyday. I will write. Write. Write. The goal? A Book. Mid-goal? Strong finger muscles. They will come handy at some point in life. At the very least? Realizing that I am no writer and get on with life doing some other stuff. Writing surely can’t be my only pseudo talent.

And so I’ll update the process and whatever publishing-worthy material I could rouse up during each 24 hours. And This is it for the first 24 hours.

The second day I typed the main ideas of the story.

And today is the third day. I have so far typed ten words. But I did do some illustration that warmed up the very hidden nooks and crannies of my body that I have forgot existed. Doing things I enjoy does weird things to me.

But all is still in track in this 30 days of writing journey. Though it may get intercepted by this 10 days silent meditation course that I am quite so inclined to join. Will see if I have the guts.


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