Nusa Lembongan Dive Trip Breakdown

Now here comes the background. Lord knows how many times my blog walking had helped me plan my trips. Rp.9400 to 1 USD as we speak.

Blue Corner Dive Site

For Indonesians and KITAS holder, add 10% discount.

Advanced Open Water Course – Rp. 2,900,000. Five dives and the sole attention of an excellent instructor.

Fun Dive @ Rp. 350,000 incl. all equipments and environmentally friendly packaged yummy breakfast if you do two dives back to back. Nothing beats a serving of vege curry on rice between your dives. 😉 Plan for two dives a day plus the odd night dive and a day off or two to checkout the island.

Even more discounts for multiple dives!

Tripdavisor rantings and ravings would provide most crowd-sourced judgement.


Suka Beach Bungalow – Rp. 200,000 per night including breakfast.

Fits two people, super spacious for one. Lumbung style, terrace underneath to lay during the day on provided mattress, private outdoor toilet and shower. Fan and cold water. Cozy, cozy, cozy.

Transportation Sanur to Nusa Lembongan

Perama – 1.5 hours  – Rp. 100,000 one way. For Indonesians, if you talk to the local guys by the water they should be able to hook you up with Rp. 50,000 rides with much less time.

Transportation in Nusa Lembongan

Bike Rental – Price ranges around Rp. 30.000 per day

Scooter – Price ranges around Rp. 60.000 per day

Ojek –  Ask your accommodation contact person and negotiate.

Walk – Free.

Yoga at BigFish, Rp.60,000 drop-in. Bring your tights! Place got pretty good teacher. A bit hard to concentrate in the muggy heat but it’s all worth it at the end. Daily classes Mon to Sat at 8am and 4pm. That’s some dedication.


Café style of all sorts, budget around Rp. 40,000 per meal. Soft drinks at Rp. 10,000. Scale up for alcohols. Few warungs around and expect to pay around Rp.15,000 for nasi campur plus teh kotak. There’s no menu though on such warungs so price may change any time.

Drugs, personal care and other neccesities.

Make a trip to Carrefour in Bali before you leave as prices are close to extortion. But do shop at local Nusa Lembongan little shops at those jacked prices if you’d like to support the local economy.


There’s one BRI ATM being wired up when I was there. Should be up and running anytime soon. But do bring enough cash or you can always do bank transfer through the net. Credit card connection is patchy at its best.

Other than that… bring a book, bring your soul and leave your sorrows behind. 


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