Power is realizing that a single decision could crush a world.

Not the world.

But still, someone’s world.

And so you watch them in silence as they go along doing their daily activities. Fretting about little trinkets that a new day always seem to bring. You see… a new day will always come and new trinkets to fret about will always follow. Then you let your inner beings do their civil war. One’s fighting for a life truest to the core. Where living means really living your own life and not to some standards made by bygone era. The other one’s fighting for peace.

Fighting. For peace. Ha.

And while your inner self rages in chaos, eerily butchering the sane in you, your physical world where you feel, touch, smell and sense is kept at peace. And so are the people around you.

You’ve sacrificed your peace of mind to preserve the sanity of the people you love the most.

And every day you wonder whether it’s an act of cowardice or an act of self-sacrifice that your God has taught you.

Power is also very much the ability to not exercise that power. And you’ll need a lot of it.


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