Puno. Day 2.


One of those most peaceful place on earth. Where time takes its malleable property and bends at will. Where the sounds you hear is only the beat of your heart confirming that indeed you are still alive. Living and breathing. And that you haven’t gone and got transported to heaven. Which then begs an inescapable question whether the heaven’s door is still open for you or not.

And then your moment is gone once one of your travel companions start making yet another funny remark, catapulting your soul into a playing field filled with laughter and nothing but. Reminding you fully that though you like the idea of heaven, you still love living. You still adore the ripples of vibration that only human laughter could carry.

And there. Then and there. You don’t care about the past, the future, the mistakes or the plans forward. All you care on that present moment is that you’re alive. So very alive.

Dec 2011


About inifeli

Sketch a lot, write a lot, read a lot. Live a lot.

One comment

  1. Edhi

    tranquility ……………. peace in mind, body and soul.

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