I am Officially Haunted

Ideas. Stories. Following my every steps. With each case practices I do in an effort to launch myself into one of those high street strategy consultant companies, I am again asked, is this really the path I long for? “Just get the offer first, then you can decide.” Very true indeed. Still, there’s a part of me that need to maximize the MBA’s ROI. Badly. So bad that it stirs and churns every time the card is swiped for yet another education-related expenses. And no, I do not survive only on 25 cents ramen noodle. Contrary to popular belief, that is.

Another cross road, it seems to be happening every two years for the past eight years of my life. Every single time the stress causes excessive acid in my tummy as I twist and turn well into the night. Every single time I always ended up somewhere that’s ‘acceptable’ realizing those twisting and turning was of no good reason. For whatever reason, I always, usually, get what I want. And if I did not get what I want, I managed to will myself to want what I got. Oh the joy.

So what do I want?

I still want to do something good for the world. And as everything good in life comes in bullet points, I will make mine in one.

  • A magazine / online publication full of inspiring people for young generation and the young at heart to aspire to. Like this magazine. Dumbo Feather. Ideas. One of my ghosts whose frequency of appearance had increased in the past few days. I looked at one of the profile, Ms. Brown, one of the first TED speakers I heard, and I wished I had known such profession existed when I was young. Growing up, all I knew what to be an acceptable career was either engineer, doctor, architect or businesswoman. And I had the privilege of internet etcetera. Imagine if you open up the young ones with possibilities and gently expose them to role models other than Snooki and Bieber. Oh the joy.
  • Business Storytelling like these two amazing women. One Thousand and One Stories. They go around companies telling them how storytelling works even in corporate settings and why it is such a powerful method. I know for sure the best professors in MBS use it and got their message sticking to the students’ minds like dumplings fried with no oil. I know the best orators, and speech writers, use it endlessly. And I know for sure my Dad use it again and again. Forever the story of the frog that got cooked in the pot of simmering hot water will be etched in my mind. (For my own story of this version that I shared with my cohort last year, click here).  And I think this would so ‘fly’ in Indonesia. And you can definitely take this beyond companies.
  • The School. I still want to have a school for the underprivileged, but the format is now moving away from the brick and mortar. Frog leaping into the future, I see a classroom with no walls. Of ipad-like interfaces where one could interact with another and share. Share knowledge, stories, experience. Where everyone moves beyond skin color, status and background. Where everyone is there for everyone else. Utopia. Maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m just delusional.
  • Or. A gapingvoid for the business world. Nuff said.

Delusional as I am, I probably would still say yes if someone just offers me a six digit salary outright. Sleeping well with the amount of money my company charge their clients, and not to forget the amount of expenses you’re saving your clients from, and consult pro bono to those who can’t pay. Save the world one bono at a time. Ha. Right. As if “Easy” is the title of my life.

Update: The founder of Dumbo Feather (the said magazine) was a management consultant before she created the magazine.  I think my life has just come into a full circle before it even started. ARGH!


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