All is Not Lost

Seconds like this I used to long for. Silenced mind. A soft calming ocean when the ripples suddenly came to a still. Each foam, each bubble disappearing into one another, letting each molecule to just be. Still. And a long sigh of relief comes. And goes. All hope is not lost.

There is still indeed heaven on earth.

Maybe it’s from the subtle sound when the graphite meets the paper. Maybe it’s from surrendering my limbs to every yoga poses I force upon my sorry self. Maybe it’s from the rippling laughter shared with new and newly-reacquainted friends. The little joys in understanding that you share a common view with another human being. A view of the world that though scary, silly and stupid, still in every corner there lies hidden jokes in the humankind, waiting patiently to be unearthed.

A quiet Saturday in LA. Beats any nightclubs extravaganzas that this glitzy city has to offer.

Taking a slow stroll in this long and twisted path toward my soul, I met characters a plenty. But the biggest surprise of all is that the journey only really starts when I quit hiding behind so many fall pretense. The religious me, the playful me, the nerdy me, the adventurous me, the clingy me, the attentive me, the self-centered me, the lazy me, the I-get-what-I-want me, the live-into-the-future me, the budgeted-me. When you drop it all. All what’s left is just.. me.

Can you handle it?

I have a feeling the 21 days journey into the wilderness will be an exciting one.


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