A Lover at Heart

If I am to sum up my current state of being, it would be a bowl of random trinkets and items in a fish bowl, shaken by a five year old with all her might. It. Is. A. Mess.

I came to the City of Angels with no expectation whatsoever. My life-long nomadic state of living had thought me well to not set any bars, to not expect too much out of the places I go to next, just so I do not get disappointed. But disappointment is what I feel running through my veins as the rest of it went through a denial phase.


Melbourne had found a way to nestle through all the thorns in my head and settled down for good. Its inhabitant hurt me, yea for sure. But the city, how can you not fall in love with the city. As I look at the humongous portions of fat laden fast food eateries, the big cars, the oversized everything, the neat coffeehouses and the swanky trams of Melbourne kept popping up in mind. As the barren land that a dessert Los Angeles is attacked me with all its might, the leafy greens of Albert Park came swooping by. I miss Melbourne and I can’t help it. Soy lattes, warm familiar faces in every corner, the blonde Aussie boys (ehm) and the plentiful array of dips available in the supermarket. Taking them for granted yes I have been.

And now I can only hope that it won’t take me as long to learn the little trinkets of LA that will make me fall heads over heel once again, as they always do. In due time, when it’s right. It will come and I will love it to the bone.

I am a lover at heart after all. Even with trinkets and all.


About inifeli

Sketch a lot, write a lot, read a lot. Live a lot.

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