The Biography Project – a Collaboration

Few exams, assignments and months after this post, a post came up on the notice board that the Net Impact is arranging a mentorship program with the School of Social Entrepreneur. It brought my mind straight to the gentleman I met a while back and his storytelling passion. As I wrote my application, I wrote about the chance encounter and how I’d like to be involved. It was pure coincidence that the exact same person signed up for the same project. I and a fellow student work with him for the next six weeks in brainstorming some revenue strategy and helped him build a sound budget plan to apply for his grant. Enthralled that I was with the storytelling concept, reality hits that everything comes down to money. Any well and noble intentions in the world seem not to be able to escape the one lubrication that enables it all. The dough.

And so long chats we had trying to figure out how the project could possibly be sustainable beyond the grant subsidies without breaching the integrity that the SSE student has envisioned for the project. A mission that above all, the project should all be about the process where the older generation could share their life stories with all its gripes and triumphs to another human being, which is somewhat a mean of therapy on its own. And in turn hoped to increase their quality of life, their general well-being and at the same time leaving a legacy to all who will be left behind. During the final meeting with two professors from the school, one idea struck a chord that the time indeed has changed. Why not do a video biography instead? It works on so many levels as it will improve the time volunteers spent with the aged care residents will be more than they’d spend on transcribing or video editing. It will appeal to families who are appalled by the idea of reading, anything, though the difference between moving image and the written word seem to become a matter of preference more than anything. That idea would definitely one that we’ll bring to the table and see its feasibility int he future.

All in all, the project was wrapped up with one big question mark. Will it be sustainable? Can it feed itself from its income? There’s no denying that a socially benefiting grows faster and lasts longer when they are run like a proper business. Social business, so they call this new breed of business as of late. It definitely strums a few chords of mine and it’s sounding every so crisply.


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