This blog was meant to be the string that hold all the pieces together. Being there through all that is going on and oh how plentiful they are.

Writing has somehow slithered into the backseat with the doodling nerves taking full reign. Oh but how I miss stringing words into this long stringy happy sentences. A delight to the eyes, a comfort for the soul.

There are a lot of things and people that I miss and lately everything seem to come down to priority. Observing certain people whose paths happened to crisscross with mine, I notice where my placings in their ladder of importance and how almost every yacht has their own distinct and specific ladder.

What is mine? Do I have one? Or are they changing by the day as life once again unfolds its leaves one sliver at a time. Hoping for a divine intervention to put a halt in everything and summon me into a higher cause. A voice from above screaming loudly but silently “YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON. GO NORTH THREE STEPS. GO BEHIND THE BUSH. LIFT THE ROCK. THERE WILL BE A MACBOOK. THE PASSWORD IS: IAMAWESOME. AND YOU WILL FIND A MESSAGE WAITING FOR YOU.”

I have my dreams. I have my wants. my needs. my hopes that one day the world will be in a such and such state. but at the core of my functioning universe, there is this deep and darkest desire to find everyone around me happy. and that, my friend, is just simply impossible. and so it has been decided.

as for now. I have not much to complain.


About inifeli

Sketch a lot, write a lot, read a lot. Live a lot.

Well, I'd say....

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