Addicted to Rainbows

Today my brain is not compromising.

It seems to just shut down for the day.

No matter how hard I try to prod and probe.

It is just staying put.

Like a big blob of mass occupying space and time but refusing to be of any use to the society.

Even a dose of Glee could not jolt it back up.

What is going on?

I say I have issues with compartmentalization.

When one great event had led to another event, they tend to leave its trails of happiness and rainbows and unicorns all over the place. And brain as the uncontrollable network of neurons that they are, you’d think they have learnt a bit of a skill in doing one thing at a time. But oh no.

Econ problems come flowing. Some cells are hard at work chewing the logic out, crunching some numbers. Hey ho look who’s slouching at the sofa watching a projection of unicorns and rainbows.

Unicorns, rainbows and everything in between. They’re good all that yea. But hey give me a rest and hand me back my brain cells will you. Held hostage by an evil being is horrible alright, but at least you have the willpower to be free. Imprisoned by happy thoughts, colorful balloons and sugar candies? Now who could say no to that?


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