The Lost Phone

Lost phone

2 months old phone.

I walk and I walk. And I look at people fondling their smartphones. Trying to make sure it’s not my phone they’re messing with. I look at people caressing their iphone and I remember days when I used to caress mine too. I look how people coo and purr into their cheapo no-frill phones and I wonder whether I will get another chance. And phones do come in all sizes and features. But I’m convinced nothing could beat my lill Blackberry that I’ve been nursing and caring for the past two months.

And two months it’s only been.

I have a simmering repulsion toward people who’s attached to the hip with their phones now. As if the whole world is trying to mock me with my stupidity for letting it go.


It feels exactly like a breakup.

10 minutes after update:  found phone in the folds of backpack. mwahaha


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One comment

  1. I love the picture and in ways you have a relationship with your phone – you depend on it to communicate amongst other things. Interesting.

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