First Half of Term One. MBA. Whooop

After orientation, the days just blurred from one to another and suddenly we’re at week 4 of class. A month full of studying. Imagine that. So far here is my take on the classes:

Data and Decision

Two classes of one and a half hour long per week. Started off nice and smooth with countif and a little bit of Excel tricks, it had now somehow evolved to layers of binomial distribution one after the other. Not realizing that I needed to start switching my brain back on, I was still counting on reminiscing my months of Excel torture from my previous life. However, all of that changed drastically and I must say suddenly over a lecture. What was a highly Excell tinkering subject is now officially a conceptual, brain-draining party that I found myself drowning in an ocean of confusion grasping for any substance to hold on to in the last class today. And thus the months long war begins, with ego loosing its first battle to class. Oh Ego…. (Hearing Beyonce singing in the background)

Managerial Economics

I can’t help but smile whenever I think about this subject. Such logical concepts of decision tree, added value, opportunity cost taught by such energetic and highly creative lecturer. You can’t help but to adore her with all her excitement as if she barely could contain the thundering stream of economic wisdoms flowing out of her. Right now it’s going at a comfortable pace in class though it seems like there are also plenty to dig on the extra exercises readily available to be devoured at one’s leisure. ha. And what a leisure it is when you’re staring at a question not having a clue where to even start and soon enough finding yourself chewing your pen lids like your jaw muscle depend on it. Tangent warning: Speaking of chewed pen lids, please check out this amazing jewelry line from a fabulous classmate, called ChewedbyTuesday. Cheeky, eh? Out of tangent. So I’m seeing that this is one subject that could quickly get out of control if not taken care properly. Though I have a feeling all of the subjects are shaping such as that within the next few days.

Financial Accounting

Oh dear accounting. I don’t know what’s my feeling toward this subject. It’s like I’m threading a line between eternal doom and sunshine every single class I go. One second I’ll feel like an accounting goddess and the next I feel like I should just start concentrating on making enough money to hire an accountant instead. But the joys of getting your numbers balanced. Oh sweetness jolly cupcakey gooey awesomeness. Getting into the analysis and inference part is a different story. My quant brain is screaming and yelling and trashing me for making it start seeing the picture behind the numbers. The story that frolics between the sheets and statements. The hooo hah behind the square pegs. (huh?) It’s much like playing twenty questions really. You start asking questions. Drilling and breaking things down and find the hidden message behind the numbers. Break them down till you figure out what’s causing the company to sink. Or not sink. To sink or not to sink. That is the question. Indeed.

Financial Management

I have an issue with this class. The afternoon one to be exact. It’s the combination of the after lunch buzz and the lecture’s tone. Though highly interesting wisdoms coming from the highly fascinating financial world I was so itching to dip my hands in, they still could not beat the fact that his voice just sounded like lullaby to my ears. Having slept-writing through the second class, I made sure I guzzled up enough caffeine for the next afternoon class to be had. One cup of (free!) coffee in the morning, one cup of (free!) tea right before said class, and a bottle of (paid, bummer) coke after the break. And yes, I definitely did not sleep nor wanted to during the class. So it worked! Oh and how it worked so well that I stayed up until 2 am in the morning not quite able to figure out why for the life of me my eyes would not just shut already. So on to a different strategy next time. But the class itself is fascinating. Lecturer is top notch with his thorough explanations on net present values, bonds, stock, the banking system etc etc. It’s endless. I wonder if one day I could just sit and pick his brain on what he has to say about the world. He’s that interesting. And with that dry humor he’s got… I still for the life of me could not figure out why I had fallen asleep (with my eyes open) in the fourth class. So that will always remain a mystery.

Managing People for High Performance

“Shame! Shame! Shame!” That’s what you find blasted at your face when you walk in the class late. Managing People for High performance. Definitely a type x. or y. or x. ah whatever. Not sure what I think about this class either. Yet. Well…. Read a number of cases. A number of frameworks on theories. Organizational change. Cultural behavior. The General Electric Case…. I somehow pictured that we would’ve come to class one day and be asked ‘what to do when your employee just doesn’t want to do what he’s supposed to do.” But that’s not happening yet. So I’m not sure if the class should’ve just been title Human Resource and everything in it or what not. There’s a lot of discussions going on, a lot of talking about the case… It all just seem… a lot of talking. I mean.. Yes.. We hear what other people experience and what’s been done, but it’s not like we’re taking a magnifying glass and actually take a good look what’s happening. So I don’t know how the whole contribution is working. Though I have a feeling all is about to change with the project coming up. So all fingers crossed with the next class happening in exactly seven hours from now. Which is another signal I should bag this post and hit submit. Tomorrow. When I have (free) internet. At school.

It’s amazing how quick you get back to the student mode of constantly being in the hunt for free stuff and most economical services you can get. And how creative some students can get. Tee hee. More on that later.

Still have a number of observations I’d like to air to the whole universe, (I am delusional, so what) but I’m afraid my eyes are failing me. Long day tomorrow. Three hours of Managing People class in the morning, a lunch meeting with the ASEAN club, a possible (free) consultation with the immigration lawyer just to see where I stand, Golf Tournament at three (I already told them I’m just going to throw the balls with my hands, and they’re okay with it, so no questionings my ability in this particular sport, now), and then there’s a salsa thing at 530 pm, which I’m going to miss tomorrow to play catch up with some essays and homework. Though my new motto is now ‘Don’t put your life on hold even when you’re doing something as intense (or as expensive) as an MBA!’, I still feel a day of golfing PLUS salsa is a bit too much. A girl gotta have a limit after all.

And with this, midterm of term 1 is coming up. Wish me well. Wish me wisdom. All the rest…. Wait till the next update from MBA-land. Over and out.


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  1. how are you juggling all these activities with a busy schedule? :S perhaps with the help of ‘managing people for high performance’ class 🙂

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