Questioning Passion

Watching Cynthia Breazeal talks about personal robots and how it could change the way people interact scares me. Probably as scared as people was upon the thought of everyone having their own smart phones, or robo vacuum cleaner, or a talking toaster.

As I’m going to leave you to your own device to decide your stance toward robots that could react to human beings just like another human being, I am more concerned on another train of thought that was born upon watching her talk. Cynthia Breazeal is passionate about human robots. She dreams of a day when we will have robots running around. And she is working hard to make it happen and doing a pretty good job at it too. So she knows what she wants, how to get there and she is doing it out of love. Roadmap to success, no? And it was indeed such a joy to clearly see her passion and her dreams and see her exuberance just from watching her talk.

But let’s humor me for a second. Let’s say that human robot is a terrible idea. Let’s say that human robots would decrease human interactions of one another, such as individual computers and phones are doing at the moment, but in a much larger scale. Let’s say the human robots got so smart, those blockbuster robot-fights-back days are coming. Let’s say that is the case. I cannot help but feel a bit of a heart landslide. My heart goes to ‘her’. Or to anyone. Who puts their heart and soul to things and causes that might end up crushing the world.

Perhaps, the better way to put it is…. What would I do if that’s my passion? What would I decide if there’s a probability that my passion would create chaos, uncertainty and a state of unrest? Is it our responsibility to choose wisely which dreams to pursue to the best of our knowledge? How stubborn should you be to your own opinion that your objective will trump the negative? How persistent should you go? How much should you listen to nay-sayers? For there were tones of people who told Columbus the world is flat. But there were probably the same amount of people who told the first bomb-maker that he was doing a very stupid thing.

Yes. Obviously. Tools are just tools. Whatever people use them for is their responsibilities. It’s always the humans. Still suck to be that guy who first created the nuclear bomb without ever realizing what could be resulted of it though.

I…. am not sure what to conclude from this.

Yes. The Catholic in me says “You know how it is. If God’s cool with it, go for it. The dream that God puts in you is always good. Because God is good. Get to know Him well. Not Him that the world is trying to tell you, but the real Him. And start recognize His voice” And I agree whole heartedly. Not that I am a pro at listening to what He says. What He says and what I hear often get lost in translation. Let’s put it at that, I’m still a long ways away to the enlightened road but I am fine with that. But I’m also thinking for the rest of the world. The ones who do not believe in God. Who believes in God but doesn’t think God is actively trying to connect with them. Ones who relies in their own strength to navigate their way through this so called maze of a world that we have.

What are they going by? Even if you believe in God, still the question remain, what do you go by?  Who or what or how do you run that fire that burning inside you by? What would you do if one day truth comes knocking at your door and slaps you with a ‘This is going to blow up the world’ moral fine? Will you crumble to pieces or will you hold it together? Will it stop you from pursuing what you believe or will you search far and near? Will you take the first step or will you choose a different route? Or will your fear be bigger than your willingness to risk it all?



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