People of the Past?

A series of happenings occurred. And I cannot help to ponder a little.

Have you ever met someone for the first time, and somehow you feel like you’re just some long lost friend? And then it hits you that this new friend of yours either looks like another person who is familiar to you or simply act the way that the other person does. And sometimes, they look and act the same. And with each similarity you notice, you’re ticking your own personal mental list of ‘OMG this is creepy’ section.

And so by you I really meant I.

As I met around 45 new faces and jobs and personalities during the past two weeks, how odd it is to find myself feeling like I am meeting old friends in new settings. Some I recognized from their outer physical appearances, some from the personalities. And so I go from day to day kind of expecting that certain associated long lost friend to pull of their masks and say “You’ve been punked!”. No. Not quite. It is comforting perhaps to think that you are surrounded by people that you know the behavior of. So comfortable at that you could finally just be and stop pretending to be.

But how dangerous it is. When you keep looking for signs and telltale how this new friend and an old friend belong to the same category, you will keep finding them. Because after all there are only so many distinct things that people do that are bound to be repeated by one another, no? And the snowball is getting bigger that you are convinced that they are of the same box. Yes I’m talking about the box. The box that you put all the information you’ve obtained from all your sensory methods just so your life seem to be a bit more manageable. Aren’t we just a bunch of control freaks after all?

Hence, I admit I am guilty of putting a friend to the ex box. (ha. Ex. Box). Another friend to the people-from-the-mix-heritage box. Another friend to the best-friend box. It made the allusion that I know how to treat them the way they want to be treated which sometimes is correct but more often, not. But the more you find evidence that they indeed act alike, the more you will be convinced that they are of the same. Self fulfilling prophecy?

Simmering this thought in mind, I walked to class today and ended up chatting with a classmate who out of the blue said “Hey, are you from Singapore?”. “No… Indonesia. Close though.” “You really look like her. And you act like here. Your mannerism and how you speak is so similar to her! It’s crazy”. And crazy it is indeed. I am not a party of one in this whole mind-boggling phenomena.

So what do we do about this?

Well not sure about we, but I am trying oh so very hard to give everyone a blank sheet of paper. From moment of encounter, everyone starts form zero. I’ll humor you with whoever you portray yourself to be. No matter how you talk like the so many people of the past who’ve brought me millions buckets of tears and laughter. And just maybe, just maybe you’ll surprise me even more.



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  1. I stumbled upon your blog while, well blogwalking. In any case, I can totally relate to what your post is about. It happens every now and then with me, that I meet people who looks/acts in similar way to other people I know from the past, that naturally, I subconsciously made a presumption of what I think the person is like. The most dangerous part is when one puts some into the “Ex-box”, that one may miss on opportunities to get to know a person better due to the wall that went up from the presumptions about the person.

    I do think that God only has so many of ’em templates that he mix and match the different set of bodies and minds. Hence the similarities in people. But, just like you, I always try to give everybody a blank sheet of paper for everybody deserves a chance to fill in the blanks. I mean, we all do, don’t we? 🙂

    I enjoy your writing – hope to see more posts soon.

  2. OMG. I just saw this note again and realised I never replied!
    Can’t believe it’s already been 3 years knowing you!

    Hope you’re still continually stumbling into people’s blogs and making their worlds richer as you’ve done mine!


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