A Book Review: Of Bees and Mist by Erick Setiawan

Saw this Indonesian name on Kinokuniya’s English section bookshelf. Very intriguing, bought it and never regret it.

Absolutely amazed. He spun a tale so enchanting with such rich visualization. I couldn’t help myself imagining the smell, the sights and the sounds of this make believe town that the main characters live in. Never once showing any hints of where the town was located, I was free to picture it anyway I wanted though descriptive images were supplied abundantly and with very much care.

The story itself revolved around two families with their own warts and hidden skeletons that got joined together by a union of their respective daughter and son. Each and every character was developed thoroughly and in such a well-rounded manner that I was sympathizing and scorning the same character in a matter of a page-turn. The drama was abundantly and carefully crafted to flow from one to the next without any awkward moments. The emotion was carried in a tumultuous manner to satisfying punches at several occasions throughout the book.

But the one the impressed me the most was the choice of words.  Some of my  favorites…

“As she chopped, grilled and boiled, Ravenna addressed the vegetables in a dark and private language, telling them of sorrow and despair. The fury of her pots and pans kept visitors away, while here air of absentmindedness spun a web of solitude about her.”

And the book is choke-full of such allegories and imageries. Amazingly crafted word by word.

“A band of fire had snaked up from the ground and latched onto her thighs. Stifling a cry, she instantly realized that she had brushed the spot where the young man had stood. Her flesh was soaking up the heat he had left behind.”

A gem of a tale in the midst of all the chic-lit crowding the bookshelves. So Inspired I might just have started the first page of my own tale to spin. . .

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