A Book Review: Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge

“Every man needs a Beauty to rescue”

“To offer your heart is to offer your desire. And not your demand.” Beauty offer desire.

Plenty of quote-worthy sentences such as the above and the one that inspired my drawing as shown, the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge would wake up any lingering amber within a woman’s soul into a burning fire. Written in a conversational tone, the book guided me on a journey to discovery what it really means to be a woman. It answers the simplest question “Can men and women be friends?” and dig deeper into reasoning why men tend to go on hibernate mode whenever there are problems with their spouses.

A chapter was also dedicated solely for wounds. It prods you to start looking beyond your loved ones, and yourselves and truly see what really happened in the past that made us who we are now. Are we covering our wounds, are we obsessed with them, do we even realize that we are indeed wounded or are we merely numbing them with addictions and indescribable activities? The book then moved on to how we could actually heal the wound. And slowly but surely, the book guided whoever reads it to find truly what it means to live, breathe and love as a woman. A journey it is indeed.

Such a journey that I timidly walk on, I found myself stammering upon this very sentences.

-Forgiveness says, “It was wrong. Very wrong. It mattered, hurt me deeply. And I release you. I give you to God.” It might help to remember that those who hurt you were also deeply wounded themselves. They were broken hearts, broken when they were young, and they fell captive to the Enemy. This doesn’t absolve them of the choices they made, the things they did. It just helps us to let them go – to realize that they were shattered souls themselves.-

I came to this huge rock and got shred to pieces. A total annihilation of any self-composure I had. Buckets and buckets of golden tears later, I came out the other side a different person. And how I am glad I did.

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