Misi21 – Doing Something New Everyday – Day#3: Idea Sharing

The action item from Rene’s TEDx talk was to do one new thing every single day for 21 consecutive days, aka #Misi21 in Twitterdom.  I Could not for the life of me figure out what that something new would be. Now that I look back (it’s not suppose to work this way by the way… But I do better with reverse engineering. ha ha ha) I can say that on Day 1, for the first time since I landed my foot on Jakarta soil, I watched a movie at 9 PM. On a weekday. With only 6 people in the cinema. I know. Not that exciting, but something new nonetheless. On Day 2, three girls and I collectively made 100 tiny Christmas greetings for an upcoming caroling at the hospital. AND I went to this newly recommended (I’m your typical WOM victim, will try anything based on reccommendation) salon Mirah place for a krimbat, the cheapest thus far in Kelapa Gading, at only 70 thousand IDR – pedicure and back massages included. Now, on Day 3, I’ve decided that for the first time, I will share and elaborate this particular idea, with the vain hope that someone out there is already working on it. May this be an encouragement.

Public transportation got married with Foursquare and have some babies. Got the gist yet?

Imagine a day when you walk out of your office, house, pacar’s house and realize that you need to get somewhere else asap to save your ass from the wrath of your boss, mum or God forbid, the other pacar? And you do not have your own vehicle with you.  And you just know that you will stand there waiting for anything that passes by for at least another hour or so.

What if… all you have to do is open up your cellphone, log in to this interactive map, turn it on to let the application locate where you are and suddenly all the dots representing available taxis, bus, ojeks or share-riders start blipping away. The available taxis will show green dots as they travel across your little tiny screen, and you’ll have the option to either stay where you’re at and wait or just simply walk a few minutes down the road or even cross the road to catch one of the many taxis approaching from the opposite direction.

And the Bus! Just imagine if you could just type away your destination, then some crazy whizz program behind the application would spit out which bus you need to take, show you exactly where you need to get off and how long it would take. Okay, this one is probably already available in most countries but Indonesia. But they all rely on the fact that the buses or trams were on time. So what’s necessary here is actually the capability to track each and every bus in real time. Who needs time schedule when you know where they’re at, at all times. To take it up a notch, the whiz kid programmer could obviously add the capability to check how many spaces are available in each buses, trains, and prediction of arrival based on traffic.

Now on to the next crazy concept. The ride-share. Yes. This is just normal people with car who don’t mind letting strangers ride with them. The concept heavily relies in the goodness of humankind. Some will say they’re just naïve, some will applaud them. Let’s for a second think that we are to that stage where we can once again trust each other, which I genuinely hope will happen in this (my) lifetime. Now these kind hearted people with spaces in their car could also be tracked in the application, showing how many spaces there are. The passenger looking for a ride will type in their destination, and whichever cars bound for the same destination will show up. Even for just part of the way. They could then alert the person in the car, and through some magic interface thing that I assume would be invented one day, the driver would know there’s a passenger interested to share the ride without looking at the phone.  To take it up a further notch, this all could be pre-arranged even before any of the rider and the sharer leave their own premises. Simple, simple, simple. Oh yes, of course I can see your mind working in how people will exploit these free information already. And people probably will. But again, this whole idea is built upon only one foundation, trust. And nothing but.

Trust a stranger. Help a stranger. And that’s my something new of the day.


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