What Comes so Easy Goes as Fast

Come and Get It. If You Dare.

First proper painting on Corel Painter Sketch pad. And the sucker failed me big time.

It was all done, saved it. Took a picture of it with my Blackberry as shown above. Returning to the file, somehow a layer of the woman just went missing on me. Funny, since I have not quite figured out how to use layer on Corel yet.

I was actually pretty pleased with the outcome (and how amazing the software was) and was going to take a rest straight after. That was until the lady suddenly gone missing. So I just started drawing and playing with the tools again. And downgraded my impression of the software down a notch.

Got it. Lesson learned. Never get happy too early. 🙂 I am very very bummed but have forced myself to take it easy lately.

Lost one? Create a hundred more!

Which then proves the point that when you get something relatively easy, it can disappears on you just as fast. Doing a proper physical painting that takes days to complete instead of the two hours I fiddled on Corel would ensure no lost lady in the process. Definitely.


About inifeli

Sketch a lot, write a lot, read a lot. Live a lot.

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  1. you’re taking it too seriously. :p

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