Sparkle and Dazzle

Sparkle and dazzle. Not two worlds that I could relate easily.

So when I make jewelries, I tend to dig deep into the recipient’s world. And I’ll usually find gems in there that bring the ‘oomph’ out into my usual play-it-safe repertoire.

Scrunched up cotton balls dangling from your earlobes. Yes? No?

For plain tops and low, low, low neck lines

The above babies were born out of thoughts of creating a little something for a dear friend who buys jewelries as often as you’d steal pens from the office supplies. The difference is she collects all sorts of earrings and statement necklaces instead of loosing them every other day to find them holding up your hair at the end of the day. Yes, I hold up my hair with a pen, more often for the amusement factor.

While I’m at the jewels front, I just made my first sell in earrings and necklaces the other day. Yay me. It all started from this service auction we had. So I auctioned my ‘customized jewelries’ and got about four people bidding head to head for two weeks. The winner got it for three thousand rups, which all then goes to the cause. And from then on I sold another pair of earrings of a similar model that I made for the winner and I’m starting to get requests from friends to make them earrings! Double yay.

Splattered paints on balls and chain.

This was the piece that now resides at the highest bidder’s  home. I haven’t quite figured out how to take pretty jewelries pictures like this girl fabulously does, so bear with me. And the one below is the main piece. The earrings were just bonus.

Clear blue on tight chain for the rocker in her

Oh and now the bunches are just starting to do random point and oohs with me. Point at some jewelries someone wears in a magazine, tv, friend, whoever, BB pictures and says “ooh. I want something like that.’ I guess I should start taking them seriously eh. In due time.. In due time..

Psst. The above gifts are surprises since we’ve said we’ll just treat each other to dinner for birthdays from this year. But a girl can’t resist what a girl gottta do huh? So keep a secret for me, would you internet?


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