Please Welcome Latest Addition to My Things-I-Hope-To-Last-a-Lifetime Collection

If you know me for longer than a few months hours, you’ll know that I’m a bit of a freak in terms of money. Freak as in I’d love them to come flowing in my territory and have a hard time to see them leave the premises. Though I have learnt a lot about saying goodbye to them when they are moving to a better place that needs them more than me, I am still terrible at trading them for stuff that would collect dust in my room, or garage, or hangar. It’s like there’s a sentence emblazoned in my head forever ‘STUFFs DEPRECIATE. SPEND ON THINGS THAT MULTIPLY”. Not sure who did that but the damage is done. Oh how I could talk forever on this.

So today, after the very much needed encouragements I was given, I bought a drawing pen. Yep. A drawing pen that is supposed to borne many magical images to soothe (or shock) many many hearts in the future. The dream is a picture book. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂 The drawing pen works only on a tablet thingy that hooks up to the computer by the way, if you were every wondering why this little baby deserve such a big fuss. And with some pondering and twiddleing, I bought the ‘professional’ one that is supposed to do even more magic wonders.

To pop the cherry of this beautiful piece of technology, here are the first two potential-magic that came out. I have not figured out all the kinks and features so this probably could be done with a much much much much lesser specs of a tablet-pen thingy. Or by a three years old (some of you would say). Whatever. I’m way too excited for the possibilities! And the many sleepless night. Wheeeeee!

So I probably could very well drew them with markers and I probably have done in the past. But oohh the possibilites to transform them! Change colors, put a layer here and there. And everything is erase-able!

All in all, I am impressed with my new toy. Will probably not do any review of it until I know exactly what it can do. Right now it feels like I’m driving a Lotus in Jakarta. Big muscle, but cant really use’em yet. (Not that I have ever driven a Lotus or ever would drive one in Jakarta nonethenless)



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  1. what is this drawing pen?sounds interesting!!!

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