Facial Smackial

I  recently got into this beauty regime that put me into a weekly hour and a half facial program for six weeks. The business itself seems very… convinient. Went in, talked with the very young but always pretty doctor for less than half an hour. She’ll touch my face. Toot toot for the dryness of it. One doctor in the past had even doomed me of a wrinkled face by the age of 30 if I don’t eat an apple everyday. Anyways, this one was nicer. Or probably more clueless. She just put me into some at home treatment, wash, lotion, flecks remover lotion and this anti-acne thingy that I don’t use since it just dries up my skin even more. The foundation is magic though. It’s got UV protection on it so just wear it in the morning and I’m set. It evens out all the colors, and the first day I wore it people kept asking whether I cut my hair or what.

Facial in general though, is torture. I hated it so much I only went once in a blue moon kicking and screaming. Everytime they squeezed the blackheads out of my pores, I just kept swearing how I’d never come back. It seriously felt like being beaten into a pulp with a bunch of roughnecks from the hood yo. And no, I’ve never been beaten up before, mainly due to my size, but I’ve got crazy imagination. So there goes.

This place though, is very professional. They start with a relaxation technique that works well. So I closed my eyes lying on the table, the practicioner waved her aromatherapy oiled hands few inches above my face and told me to breathe in and out. And then she started massaging my collarbone area and my body just went on snooze mode from then on. After a regime of wash, scrub, some other liquidy stuff, she steamed my face. Yup. just like some bakpau. Steamed all the way. It was supposed to lessen the hurt.

So kids, next time you know you gonna get some good ol beat up, steam up!



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