Excitement is The Name of the Hour

Day off today for no apparent reason than test drive.

I am about to embark on a long awaited journey next year, you see. And I am planning to tie up loose ends as best as I could a month prior, which means I will have some time when I would officially be unemployed. Today was a test drive, not unlike driving a new car from the shop, of a day without anything to do. Which went along fine. I did not break down in sweats nor got too worried. Managed to write a piece, summarize another teaching part of the many I need to get done by end of this week and talked to some fellow fundraisers. All was good. Capped it off with researching about my future home.

Getting so very excited with Melbourne. Got the accomodation sorted, one within the budget alloted, crossing all fingers, so I’ve spent the past hours looking distances to places I’d like to visit on a frequent basis. Being the school, the sport center, the food places, this art space I’ve found and church. They’re all within 5-15 minutes distance. Walking distance that is. No traffic! Ha. How fitting since I miraculously had avoid another Jakarta’s famous flooding. Another story on how I managed to escape most floodings in life thus far, my life that is.

So I am planning to jot down this new journey to be ploughed on. Not sure if I want to mix it with this highly tear-the-gut show-em-all blog. Perhaps a branch would be best. Ooh. I did look up a creative writing class. Not sure if the timings would even allow me to pick two hobbies at once, since I’m definitely going to that art place, hopefully…..


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