Money vs. Happines Version I

Money doesn’t make the world goes round, but it surely does lubricate it.

Everybody with a little cash on their hands knows how a little money can just make things go a little smoother. Need to be somewhere faster? Catch the bus instead of walking. Hungry between meal times? Grab some vending machine food. No umbrellas and need to reach your parked car while it’s pouring out? Pay one of the umbrella boys. It eliminates that grinding, screeching noise of annoyance, desperation and the –cant-believe-i-can’t-even-pee-without-paying- moments.

Money buys. Money gets you things. Money gets you to pee. Yes. Damn those public paying peeing place that are actually smellier than the free ones. Some people would say it gets you respect, position, favors and relationships, but let’s not get too complicated. Yet.

Keeping it simple, I was curious what relationship does my relative income (not savings nor spending, by the way) have with my happiness. Graph is as shown below. Just like any other graph, a million people can interpret the same one a million different ways. But oh it’s surely an enjoyable chart to make. Go try. It’s wicked fun at the very least and eyes opening at your most denial days.

Some disclaimers: No accuracy guaranteed, all feelings are as I remember them right now, which is completely biased.


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