Fashion Design and Me

2009. I got back to Jakarta, and in need of a weekend hobby.

 I was looking through some painting courses and ended up at this Phalie Studio in Kelapa Gading. I used to love paintings. When I fill out forms that asked what your hobbies are, painting would be right up there competing with sleeping and making sarcastic remarks at people. I fought my way in high school to do the painting class since the teacher thought my Indonesia art education was to wayward for their prestigious class. Ha. And that hour and a half of painting every other day was like my sanctuary. Focusing was no issue (no Blackberry back then and text messaging was 50 cents a pop, in and out. Crazy huh?). The oil paints were unlimited (well, we paid at the end of the semester, but it almost felt like God, having unlimited access to oil paints). They came in big tubes. So I would squeeze the life out of each one. Huge blobs. And just stroked away my vented anger and disappointment with life in general. But that’s another story.

This story is about how I should’ve taken that painting class in Phalie Studio, though at that time the class was not available, instead of the fashion design class that I took. …

Fashion design. Yep. My left brain got the best of me when I logically convinced myself that a skill in fashion design would be much useful, practical not to say profitable for my future being. What started as a hobby-hunt had turned into a potential business-opportunity hunt in a matter of logical second. I cant help to hate my left brain sometimes. For just once let me and my right brain have a mind-blowing super-sexy date why won’t you? Nop. Leftie got to swoop in and knock me out of my senses. So I took the class. Which was great by the way. Learned all the techniques. The teacher was very inspiring and passionate with what she was doing. The materials were comprehensive. The only problem was that I ran out of juice quickly after. I got excited by the idea of putting 10,000 hours work before you usually got good in anything and realized by the twenty something hours that you better madly in love, heads-over heels-will-swim-in-a-tub-of-butter-if-you-have-to type of love, with what you do before you can bank in 10,000 hours of the same thing over and over again.

Ok. So me and fashion? Probably not the greatest friend. I had never followed the latest fashion trend. I know what looks good on people and what not, but most of the time I am still an awkward dresser. I wear the wrong thing for the wrong occasions. And when I think I wear something suitable for the occasion, it doesn’t really pop up and scream ‘me’. ‘You gotta make a statement! Whatever statement that is!’ would be the best fashion advice a friend had ever given to me. Voluntarily. And he’s a manly dude. Yeap. A straight man chucking fashion advices to me. And I had the balls to try fashion design. Phu.

Well. Here is a series of drawing from that anyways. I call them” Swirlies and Lines in Colors Doable with My Coloring Pencils”.

Pardon the boring hand pose.

I love squirlies and wigglies. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside. Mh..

A more futuristic set. It was a StarTrek moment of lapse. (Mix with the old fashioned baggy pants – yeah!)

 Hey I actually like the idea of that last cape/shoulder cover mayhem (The orange+green piece).

Okay so the drawings could probably be called passable at the very least.. but wait till I tell you about the sewing nightmares I had …….

And that would be another stab at pursuing one’s flaming passion executed whole-heartedly with not such great results. More to come shortly. As boy, how I have tried plenty.

By all means though, go to Phalie Studio if you are interested. Before it got famous and expensive like the rest of them anyways. I think they don’t offer painting class anymore now, that I know of. But they do graphic designs. Contacts are here:

Phalie Studio || Website

Jl. Gading Indah Raya
Blok C21
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta 14240

Telp. 021 9298 3700
Telp. 021 7168 1045


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