Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary

Just the other day I was mindlessly reading through FML website and saw some of their art works, I came across this comic artist, and gobbled up her 6 years worth of comics in two days. Definitely checking out her books when I can get my hands on one. It’s amazing how the drawing changed so much from the early days (a budding 20 years old) as compared to now (full time artist). Visit to find out more.

This strip right here is actually uplifting in a sense that…

“Hey! I (and you) can do it too! You don’t have to starve on instand noodles to make it!”

This strip reminds me of the PHD Comic that I used to read back in college. His style too developed so much from years of repetitive comic drawings. He was always saying how his comics was the child of his procastination. The comic artist got a full blown phd in some engineering major, but from what I learn he fills his time visiting campuses talking about his comics and how he got it done during procastinating. Surely can relate to that. Visit for hours of laughters.

So it is getting pretty obvious that drawing and telling stories is one road I am happy to explore more on. Expect for more to come! (and a gift of proper scanner to record it right)


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